Dawn Konyn of

​SSIP Insurance Partners

I have been working with Medicare Plans and other insurance for 10 years and I keep up with all the changes each year!

I offer accurate advice and current news to keep you up to date!!

I understand your options and can help educate you so that you can make the best choice for

your needs! 

I live and work in my community and

volunteer at the local

community centers! 

I love what I do and strive to do good everyday!

Did you know that Medicare does NOT cover Long Term Care?

Do you have concerns about how you are going pay for Long Term Care when

you need care?  

Did you know 70% of us

are going to need some

sort of long term care!

I can help you prepare for if and when that happens!

You can stay at home when you need care and let your family

stay your family...

not your caregivers!

Let's talk!


companies & options

Let me do the shopping for you! . Call or Text: 419.545.0387

​All Senior Health Ohio

extended care

meet your licensed sales agent

I will guide you through the

healthcare maze so you can make the

right plan choice for you!

I am authorized to offer most of the top rated carriers in the state so I can help you make an educated choice when choosing what company provides your health insurance or other coverage.

 It's important that you

are aware of all of your

rights and options! 


Everyone's situation

is different so

let me help you make

sense of it all so you make the best decision for you and your family!